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Why you should start a blog

Carving out a space for yourself online, somewhere where you can express yourself and share your work, is still one of the best possible investments you can make with your time.

  • Andy Baio

Have you ever thought why you follow so many people on social media? Maybe you share their interests, or maybe you just enjoy seeing other people do normal things. Thinking is also a normal thing we all do, and thoughts can also be interesting. Share them and you will find people who find your thoughts interesting.

Over the past year, I hesitated a lot about whether or not I should share my thoughts in a blog, if I can keep up with it, if my opinions matter, or if it will be useful at all.

I ended up writing my thoughts and keeping them to myself. Recently I got more serious about it, and here it is, my first blog post, about starting a blog. What a cliché.

Writing down my thoughts was one of the best decisions I made in this long period of indecisiveness. I was talking to one of my close friends and whatever he talked about, my mind instantly referred me to one of my writings that could potentially be useful to him.

This was the most encouraging thing that could happen to me. I can talk to him about these, but why not write them down and share them? Maybe there are some other people in the world who find these useful, or maybe there are people out there who have thought about the same things, in a different way, and have interesting opinions about them. Reading these might encourage them to share their ideas too.

Best thing is, you don't even have to have your own voice to start a blog, you don't need to have something new in every post, you can just reflect on the things you read, listen to, and watch. Over time, you will find your own voice.

If you still haven't decided to start a blog, at least start writing your thoughts down. Maybe one day you will start sharing them too.

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